A personal favorite from my Etsy shop




Sewing for Myself

Now that the holiday rush is over I’m marking down all last year’s items and turning to projects for myself and my family. ‘Currently in the process of trying my hand at my first appliqued quilt. I’ll post a picture when I’ve finished the project. I’m also sewing some patchwork pillows to match the quilt I finished this past autumn.

I haven’t forgotten about new merchandise for the shop, however. I have a number of quilt tops that were given to me by a friend. I’d like to get all of these made into quilts that I can sell in my Etsy store. In addition, I’m looking for new ideas and designs, quite possibly including some children’s items for my grandchildren that I can duplicate for the shop.

There are a few more surprises coming this year. Stay tuned for new and exciting updates to the Boston Woman’s Design Studio.

Spring Ahead

Photo Feb 27, 11 59 30 AMYes, it’s finally spring in Boston. The trees are flowering, the bulbs have pushed up from the frozen dirt and opened into glorious carpets of color. it’s a shock to the senses after living through months of gray and white.

There were times when we didn’t believe it would ever stop snowing, or that the snow would ever melt. But spring has come and each taciturn New Englander has become as gracious as a southern belle. Perfect strangers smile and great each other with words such as beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous. This new found friendliness will only last until the suffocating heat of summer brings complaints of “it’s not the heat, its the humidity!”

Catch us while we’re smiling: “Please come to Boston for the springtime

Eating Smarter

The month of March ushers in spring. Time to start thinking about getting healthy and enjoying the warm months of the year.  The first thing to do is to start eating smarter. It’s easy when you know the following:

1. What not to eat

2. What to eat in moderation

2. Which foods are good for you

3. When to eat

4. When to splurge

Follow the Boston Woman’s Blog this month to see my suggestions on eating smarter.