Jackson Square Artisans

The Carraige House has been open for a month now and we’ve had lots of company.  Everyone who comes in has loved our new shop.  Please stop in. We’re sure you’ll find something you absolutely have to have.


Sewing for Myself

Now that the holiday rush is over I’m marking down all last year’s items and turning to projects for myself and my family. ‘Currently in the process of trying my hand at my first appliqued quilt. I’ll post a picture when I’ve finished the project. I’m also sewing some patchwork pillows to match the quilt I finished this past autumn.

I haven’t forgotten about new merchandise for the shop, however. I have a number of quilt tops that were given to me by a friend. I’d like to get all of these made into quilts that I can sell in my Etsy store. In addition, I’m looking for new ideas and designs, quite possibly including some children’s items for my grandchildren that I can duplicate for the shop.

There are a few more surprises coming this year. Stay tuned for new and exciting updates to the Boston Woman’s Design Studio.

Healthy Snacks

Sitting in front of the T.V. encourages snacking, therefore, whatever is sitting on the coffee table becomes the go-to snack. Keep it fresh and healthy, put a bowl of fresh fruit on the table and reach for a piece of fruit when that craving strikes.  As I write this there is a bowl of oranges on the coffee table. Big, juicy and orange; loaded with vitamin C, pulpy roughage and lots of juice for rehydrating in the dry heat of winter.  Sometimes there is a bowl of grapes, popping sweet grapes into your mouth is like snacking on candy.  Everyone knows that one of the best snacks is a crisp, sweet, juicy apple.  Always a favorite.

Do you want something salty and crunchy?  Choose nuts.  Not only will they satisfy the craving for salt and crunch, they are very healthy.  Nuts lower your cholesterol, lower your blood glucose level and increase your mental health. Different nuts provide different benefits, but, no matter what type of nut is your favorite, they are all good for you. To keep from over-indulging, get them in the shell.  Cracking nuts will slow down how many you can eat while you are watching T.V.

When you are fixing dinner and you have young children begging for something to eat while they are waiting give them a healthy snack. One that is right in your hands.  If you are making a salad or preparing vegetables, give your child a piece of whatever vegetable you’re using.  Using frozen vegetables?  One of my favorite childhood treats was frozen peas, it was like getting candy.  If you are making a dessert with fresh fruit, give them some of the fruit. In fact, give yourself a pre-dinner snack.  When you get to the table you won’t be starving and it will help you eat less but enjoy the meal more.

If guest are coming for dinner, put out crudités with hummus, or yogurt-based dips. Warm mixed nuts are a nice accompaniment to those pre-dinner cocktails (even if the cocktails are only bottles of bear). Even corn chips and salsa can be healthy if you use the thin, lightly salted restaurant style corn chips.

Make snacking fun AND healthy.

End of Summer Sale

All summer merchandise is now on sale for 20% to 25% off.

The Soft Summer Bags with beach or nautical themes are now 20% off. Vinyl-lined Wet Bags and the Pillow Pack for outdoor concerts are also included in the sale, along with this season’s bright multi-color bags–in square or half-moon shape.

Little girls cotton Prairie Dresses are now 25% off – sizes 6 months to 4 years.

Available on Etsy or at the Artisans Barn on Main Street in Randolph.