Immigration Reform

People should not use the Boston Marathon bombing to argue against immigration reform. One cannot walk down a street in Boston without bumping into an immigrant. We are truly a city of immigrants.

Yes, the two bombers were immigrants, but so were many of the first responders: the police officers, emergency personnel, former soldiers and citizens who rushed to help the victims. Immigrants also fill our hospitals working as doctors, nurses and staff. Many of the victims would have died without the quick and professional response of all of these people.

The ranks of officers who finally tracked down the brothers and brought them to justice without harming a single Watertown resident also included many immigrants.

Studies have consistently shown that we would not be able to maintain our status as a world class city were it not for the many immigrants who bring with them to Boston their skills and dedication to hard work.

So if you want to use the Boston Marathon to argue immigration reform, your argument should be that immigrants are an important and necessary part of our culture. One that people here in Boston realize we need to nurture and encourage. We all benefit when people, who love this country, work so hard to become a part of it,