JSA Agreement

Jackson Square Artisans Agreement

The undersigned artisan hereby contracts for space with the Jackson Square Artisans located at 750 Broad Street, Weymouth. This agreement is between the principles, Jackson Square Artisans, G.P. and BLANK, here in after “Artisan”.  

Each artisan will be given a three square foot space that will include wall space from floor to ceiling and three feet in front of the wall. The cost for this space will be $100 per month. This commitment will last for the period of one year and, at the discretion of both parties, may be renewed at the end of the year.

In addition to display space, each artisan will be able to reserve space in the basement on a temporary basis for workspace or to provide classes if they so desire. Availability of space will be determined by the number of artisans requesting use of the space.

The principles will also provide additional space where each artisan will be represented to show the variety of goods available in the shop. Artisans are also encouraged to work with other artisans to create vignettes in their own space.

Artisans may not share their allotted space with outside artists without the consent of the principles.  

 Each artisan will agree to work in the shop one day per month. In the beginning, shop will only be open Thursday through Sunday, hours to be determined. Eventually we hope to be open seven days per week, depending on the availability of artisans to work the shop. A schedule will be created by the principles to ensure that all days are covered. Artisans will have access to the building whenever it is open to rearrange their space, add new objects or be available to explain and/or promote their craft.

On the third Sunday of each month the Jackson Square Artisans will hold an open house with wine and cheese. Artisans will be asked to attend these open houses when possible to talk about the creative processes they employ to create their craft.

The principles will provide bags and wrapping supplies in various sizes with the logo of the Jackson Square Artisans. Our goal is to get the name of the Jackson Square Artisans out there to bring more customers into the store and thus to sell more goods. If you prefer to use your own bags or boxes, they must be properly labeled and available at the check-out counter to anyone working in the store. All items for sale must have prices and tags identifying the artisan affixed to the item. Our goal is to help artisans create tags that will identify the artisans and the specific piece to help with disbursement of funds and inventory control for each artisan.

The primaries will hold insurance on the building, but artisans should insure their own items to receive fair market value for anything that is stolen or damaged in the event of fire, storm or break-in.

The principals will have a bank account under the name Jackson Square Artisans. All sales income, including sales tax, will be deposited in this account and distributed to individual artisans on a weekly basis, minus any fees from credit card companies.  

I hereby agree, as a participant in the Jackson Square Artisans, that I will indemnify and hold harmless the principles from any and against any and all liability, claims, demands, expenses, fees, fines, penalties, suits, proceedings, actions and causes of action of any and every kind and nature arising or growing out of or in any way connected with my use or occupancy as a participant in the Jackson Square Artisans.