Grand Opening

The Jackson Square Artisans will be holding their Grand Opening celebration September 22nd though the 25th.

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Jackson Square Artisans

The Carraige House has been open for a month now and we’ve had lots of company.  Everyone who comes in has loved our new shop.  Please stop in. We’re sure you’ll find something you absolutely have to have.

New Shop

Our new shop will be opening in a few weeks and we are working like mad to finish up last minute details. The new garden out front is so welcoming when we drive into the parking lot that it almost makes the thought of another day of painting seem less arduous, almost. We have finished the base coat and purchased a soft cream color with a hint of yellow in it for the finish coat, so we are actually a little excited about painting tomorrow. 

I’m Looking for a Little Advice

The hosting package for my business webpage expires in a few months and I am tempted to just not bother with a webpage. I sell mostly from my shop on and post any new items or updates to social media tracking back to my shop, therefore my web page gets very few hits. 

I would like to know what people think the pros and cons are of having a webpage for my business. Thanks for your help. 

New Opportunities

My sewing hiatus continues. Although I am now doing repairs and alterations for family members along with sewing for myself.  I have yet to start in a new product for my etsy shop. In other news (as the commentators say) I have been working with a colleague to open up a retail store to showcase local artisans. 

We are really excited about this new venture, and have spent many hours looking for a site, contacting local artisans and discussing the format of our new partnership. Luckily, we have some time to work on all these areas before the location becomes available.  Now  that it is February we are feeling under a little more pressure to push forward on our list of things to accomplish before the grand opening.  

We are still reaching out to artisans looking for a space to showcase and sell their designs. If you are interested in joining us, please contact me at for more information. All artisans will be required to work in the shop one day per month. 

Looking forward to an exciting and prosperous 2016. 

Come Join the Jackson Square Artisans

We are Gloria Watanabe (the Boston Woman) & Janet Nelson, two Weymouth artisans, who want to share an exciting opportunity with you. We are developing plans for an Artists Boutique in Jackson Square in Weymouth. The boutique would feature the work of local artisans, who would each have their own dedicated space in the shop that they could design to highlight their work. We hope to have a variety of artists and wares to continually entice shoppers to spend time checking out all the different items and keep returning to see what’s new. A select group of artisans will be chosen to ensure that the boutique offers consistent quality and avoids multiple people selling similar products. Each artisan would help to staff the shop at least one day a month to build a connection with the community and create a rapport with customers who love to shop local.

We have been a part of temporary artists’ groups in neighboring towns and wanted to create a more permanent community here in Weymouth. We already have a mailing list of interested customers who have supported us in the past and can’t wait for our new boutique to open. We’ve found a unique home for our Jackson Square Artisans in a great location that would be perfect for this group, and give us plenty of opportunity for growth. The initial plan would have the shop operate Thursdays through Sundays with an opening day in the spring. The cost to participate would be approximately $75-$100 per month, depending on the number of artisans. This fee would cover all rent, utilities, insurance, advertising and maintenance. We are unable to accept any work on commission at this time.

Please feel free to pass on this information to any other artists, crafters or designers who may be interested. We’d love to share more about our ideas and details about the space! Please email me at for more information.