A Day In The Life

Photo Feb 27, 12 06 14 PMI sometimes try to plan out a weekly exercise routine to work on all of the areas of my body that need work. I start with the mind.  As I get older I also need to do more stretching to stay limber. I try to do a morning yoga routine as often as possible because it calms my mind while stretching out my muscles.

Walking, especially in my favorite places, makes me happy. I head to the shore when I have the time, but a quick walk around the neighborhood can also do the trick. When the weather is nice, I try to get out everyday.

A few years ago I was motivated to start running. Life got in the way and I put away the running shoes. I’m seriously thinking of pulling them out this spring and trying again. The high school track is just down the street.

I stopped playing tennis last year after experiencing so many injuries. But I realize I have to get back into playing. I love the sport, I just need to get into better shape so I don’t suffer so many injuries. Getting into shape means building up the muscles to prevent injuries. That means getting to the club at least once a week to work with weights.

On the days that I clean house or work in the yard, I know I’m getting exercise (because I’m usually sore the next day) so I don’t worry about trying to fit in another type of exercise.

With the warm weather coming, it will be easier to gear up with an exercise “routine” that I can really enjoy; including taking the grandchildren out for long walks.


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