Eat Chocolate. Is there anyone who doesn’t love chocolate? Everyone has their own “favorite” chocolate, whether it comes in a box, in a wrapper, in a cookie or a cake or in many other forms. Pick your favorite chocolate treat and eat it! Why? Because it makes you feel good.

Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, actually affects the way you feel. It encourages your body to produce substances that influence your mental state. So eat it and feel good. That said, use discretion in what you eat, when you eat it and how much you eat.

I buy the type of chocolate that tastes, to me, the richest and most chocolaty. Why waste the sugar on something that isn’t going to satisfy.  I ration what I eat, one or two chocolates at a time, but I eat them when I get the craving for sweets or chocolates.  This keeps me from feeling deprived and gobbling down an entire chocolate bar or box of chocolates at a sitting.  I don’t allow the craving to take over, I control the craving.

Chocolate also makes me feel more virtuous about getting my sugar fix. Dark chocolate is proving to be very beneficial to both mental and physical health because of certain ingredients in the cacao plant.

So, buy your favorite chocolate treat and enjoy!


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