Spring Ahead

Photo Feb 27, 11 59 30 AMYes, it’s finally spring in Boston. The trees are flowering, the bulbs have pushed up from the frozen dirt and opened into glorious carpets of color. it’s a shock to the senses after living through months of gray and white.

There were times when we didn’t believe it would ever stop snowing, or that the snow would ever melt. But spring has come and each taciturn New Englander has become as gracious as a southern belle. Perfect strangers smile and great each other with words such as beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous. This new found friendliness will only last until the suffocating heat of summer brings complaints of “it’s not the heat, its the humidity!”

Catch us while we’re smiling: “Please come to Boston for the springtime


A Day In The Life

Photo Feb 27, 12 06 14 PMI sometimes try to plan out a weekly exercise routine to work on all of the areas of my body that need work. I start with the mind.  As I get older I also need to do more stretching to stay limber. I try to do a morning yoga routine as often as possible because it calms my mind while stretching out my muscles.

Walking, especially in my favorite places, makes me happy. I head to the shore when I have the time, but a quick walk around the neighborhood can also do the trick. When the weather is nice, I try to get out everyday.

A few years ago I was motivated to start running. Life got in the way and I put away the running shoes. I’m seriously thinking of pulling them out this spring and trying again. The high school track is just down the street.

I stopped playing tennis last year after experiencing so many injuries. But I realize I have to get back into playing. I love the sport, I just need to get into better shape so I don’t suffer so many injuries. Getting into shape means building up the muscles to prevent injuries. That means getting to the club at least once a week to work with weights.

On the days that I clean house or work in the yard, I know I’m getting exercise (because I’m usually sore the next day) so I don’t worry about trying to fit in another type of exercise.

With the warm weather coming, it will be easier to gear up with an exercise “routine” that I can really enjoy; including taking the grandchildren out for long walks.

Boston Marathon

20140817-205555.jpgMonday, April 20th is the running of the annual, world-famous Boston Marathon. Hundreds of thousands of people will be watching the runners as they cover the course from Hopkinton to Boylston Street. Many of those who are watching will be inspired to start training for next year’s marathon.

I worked with a number of people who were constantly training for marathons: from 5K to half marathons to the Great Lady of them all, Boston. They inspire others to take up running to experience that “runner’s high”.  I look forward to watching for them this year as they join others who are running for a cause.

My bright blue and white pillow pack might be perfect for settling down to watch the runners. I can throw a bottle of water and a snack into the bag with the pillow. It will be a nice, soft place to sit while i tweet from the sidelines. You can follow me on twitter at twitter.com/thebostonwoman.

Getting in Shape


Is your body ready for the beach? Or should I ask “Is your mind ready for the beach?” After all, our perception of ourselves has more to do with the way we think about ourselves than the way others see us.

We exercise not only for our health, but because we feel better when we are taking care of ourselves.

Exercise can be anything that keeps you moving. I hate routine, thus I find it difficult to keep to an exercise “routine”. So I don’t, instead I have a list of things that I do to keep in shape. I try to do one of these activities everyday but I don’t beat up on myself if I miss a few days. I just get back into action.

Here are some of the things I consider exercise: walking, running, yoga, tennis, weight training and, don’t forget, cleaning house and working in the yard. I’m sure you have your own list of things you do that keep you moving. The important thing is not what you do, but doing something you enjoy everyday that keeps you moving.

What do you do to stay active?