Stop Eating

How often do you find yourself eating until you feel stuffed?  Those of us who were brought up to “eat everything on your plate” have a tough time not cleaning our plates.  If you fall into this category and don’t want to waste food, simply plan ahead to save a portion of your meal for later.

I find it incredibly hard to stop eating something that tastes good, even after my body tells me I’m full and, in fact, the food doesn’t taste as good as it did with that first bite.  Here are some ideas for controlling how much you eat.

When you have the chance to fill your own plate, take small servings knowing that you can always go back for more. Having a second helping not only gratifies the cook, it makes you feel you have indulged without feeling gorged.  At restaurant where you are served a full plate, look at the plate and decide how much you are going to eat now, and how much you are going to save for later.  If you decide you’re going to take some home, it will encourage you to leave enough to make it worthwhile to package it up for a second meal.

Eat slowly. My friends and family are always complaining that I eat too slowly.  But this is one of the smartest ways to avoid overeating.  By eating slowly you give your mind and body a chance to register when you are full.  If you pay attention to this warning and stop eating when you are full, you will avoid that feeling of being stuffed.  And, as an added bonus, you’ll leave room for dessert!

If you are watching your weight, leaving the table feeling satiated but not miserable not only makes you feel better physically, it makes you feel better emotionally because you feel you have taken control of your life and are making good decisions that will lead to a more healthy life.


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