Meat, Fish, Poultry

That rich, red, filet is delicious, so go ahead and eat it, just not too often. Red meat is very hard for your body to digest, in fact, if you take red meat out of your diet completely and then start eating it again, it will actually make you sick. Your system will need to relearn how to break down and digest red meat. I stopped eating red meat for awhile and actually felt better, but summer barbeques brought hamburgers and then steaks on the grill. The first few times I tried red meat after not having eaten it for awhile, my body resisted it by making me feel sick. Eventually though, I began eating it occasionally and my body adjusted. When given the choice, I will pick fish or vegetarian meals, but by allowing myself a thick, red steak once in a while I don’t feel like I have to give anything up to eat right.

Given the alternative, I will also not choose poultry. Poultry is supposed to be better for you, but there is such a high possibility of getting salmonella from improperly treated chicken that I usually get sick when I eat chicken. After suffering mild cases of what I assumed was food poisoning, I decided to stay away from chicken whenever possible. Pork is a good alternative white meat, although I have been distressed to learn that improperly handled pork is bringing back the threat of trichinosis that we thought had been conquered.

Living in the Boston area, right here on the Atlantic ocean, means we get fresh fish on a daily basis. This means that, not only does the fish taste nice and fresh, it’s more likely to be fresh. However, fresh fish is now flown around the country (and the world) on a daily basis, so most people can find fresh fish–or fresh frozen fish–in local restaurants and grocery stores. Some fish is better for you than others, but all fish, fresh and salt water, is loaded with good things for your body. All life, after all, originally came from the sea so meals from the sea appeal to our genetic memory.

So what’s my choice for the protein part of the meal? Pork–chops, loin, roast–or fish–salmon, cod, trout and, especially, shellfish: I’m addicted to raw oysters with horseradish and hot sauce. Ummmm


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