What NOT to Eat

When my doctor noticed my blood sugar levels were rising she gave me one simple suggestions to bring the numbers down: “Don’t eat white food.”

Use wheat or wholegrain flour in place of white flour. Instead of white bread, eat wheat bread. Even better, I discovered, was wholegrain bread. Not only does it taste better, it’s actually better for you than whole wheat because of all the added nutrients from the grains.

Instead of white sugar, use brown sugar. Or, better yet, use molasses or honey as a sweetener. Fruit and fruit juices are also good sweeteners, especially in baking. Applesauce can replace both sugar and oil in baked goods.

Eat brown rice instead of white rice. The important thing to know about brown rice is that the ratio of water to rice is higher when cooking brown rice. The cooking time should also be extended. Once you have found the brand of brown rice that you prefer, you will soon realize that the nutty flavor of brown rice far surpasses the bland taste of plain white rice.

There are so many different choices for pasta that I would suggest you try, and possibly use, different pasta bases for different dishes. I experimented with different brands and flavors until I found a few that I like. The brand can really make a difference here, so don’t be discouraged, keep trying new ones until you find the one that suits your taste.

Try these suggestions and see how much more tasty, and healthy, your life becomes.


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