Improve Your Mental Health

This time of year in Boston it is hard to stay positive. The snow just keeps falling and the temperature keeps dropping, and it seems as if warmer weather will never arrive.

My instant cure for the depression that sets in at this time of year is to spend time with someone who makes you laugh.

Just spending time with friends who support you and engage you gives you an instant feeling of being cared for. If they make you laugh, it’s icing on the cake!

Laughing makes you smile, which releases endorphins which make you feel better and lead to a more positive outlook on life. With the side benefit of giving you an instant facelift!

You can email and Facebook and twitter or Skype and FaceTime, but nothing makes you feel as good as spending time in person. Have coffee, go to lunch, invite someone to dinner. I guess you notice that all of these suggestions include food. Humans are, by nature, sociable animals and food brings us together to share our stories, even if that food is only a cup of coffee or a spot of tea.

So, spend some time with a friend, then send me a note to let me know if it worked to raise your spirits. I’m sure it will.


Get Fit the Easy Way

It’s hard to find the time to exercise. Getting to the gym or even setting a time every day to “exercise” sometimes just takes too much effort. But once you start this exercise routine, you will find that you not only look forward to exercising, your body will begin to crave this activity.

What is this addictive, healthy activity? WALKING!

Once you get into the habit of walking, you really will start to crave the way you feel both when you’re walking and when you’re through. Nothing tightens up your core muscles better.

An added benefit is that your mental health will also begin to improve. Studies show that people who exercise feel better about themselves. They feel they are doing something to improve themselves and they like the way they look as they begin to tighten loose muscles. Tighter muscles make you look slimmer. As you begin to look healthier, you want to keep exercising to look better.

It really  is addictive, but don’t take my word for it, TRY IT!

What Are You Worth?

Mark Zuckerburg, whose net worth is listed as $34 billion, just gave a $25 million donation to a hospital in California. That’s .0007% of his net worth. In other words, if your net worth is $50,000 that would be like donating $35.00. It kind of puts things into perspective, doesn’t it? I would bet most of us are giving much more of our net worth to our favorite charities than just .0007%.

Look Pounds Thinner

Want to look thinner? Push your shoulders back, pull in your stomach, and tighten your buttocks. Voila!

You not only look thinner, you look and feel more confident. When you enter a room with good posture, people will notice and will treat you with added respect.

Standing up straight also helps to build your stomach muscles and the muscles in your lower back, which will make it easier to maintain that good posture.

Multitask: Look thinner while tightening those muscles and project confidence all at the same time.

Instant Facelift

Every woman, and many men, are looking for ways to look younger. Here is a fail proof way to give yourself an instant facelift:


Seriously, try it. Smiling instantly removes those jowls, and pushes the skin on your face up to your cheeks, giving you those high cheekbones so many covet.

There are other benefits to smiling. When you smile you release endorphins that make you feel better. And if you smile REALLY big, you will start to think about the reaction from people around you. This might make you laugh, releasing even more endorphins, win/win.

Another benefit of smiling is that it takes less energy. Try this, relax your face. You will probably notice that that frown or scowl that habitually inhabits your face disappears, you have already started to smile!

Practice it, eventually a smile will be the default position for your face muscles. And when you smile, you really do feel happier, and look and feel younger.

Instant Face Lift!