Gift Bags

Getting ready for the holidays and pulled out this red, white and blue upholstery material only to discover that I had a number of bags just waiting to be completed. I still have a whole bolt of material left for bags of all sizes.

Red, White and Blue Gift Bags

Red, White and Blue Gift Bags

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The Perfect Summer

I has been a beautiful and productive summer at the Barn. The Artisans have become a great group of friends, sharing ideas and supporting each other through our first endeavor as a cooperative group of creative people. Unfortunately, our success in creating such a beautiful shop for sharing our wares has made another group of women jealous. The Randolph Women’s Club, which rents the barn to our collaborative, has terminated our lease using the excuse that they want to hold a one day yard sale. Now, everyone we tell this to looks at us with a puzzled expression. The Women’s Club has made more money off the rental of the barn than they will make off of the yard sale, so it is obvious that this is an excuse to shut down our enterprise so they can try to replicate it with one if their own. Unfortunately, they don’t realize how their selfish actions have affected their reputation in the community.

Fortunately for the artisans, a number of people have stepped into the breach and offered us space. This weekend we had three offers for possible rentals. Although we have yet to negotiate a rental that, as struggling artists, we can afford. We are confident that we will be able to keep the collaborative going in a new location. We have also had a number of people ask to become a part of our collaborative and we are excited about increasing the diversity of our items and helping each other succeed as entrepreneurs doing what we love.

To thank all of our supporters, we are holding an end of summer party to celebrate. From 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm next Friday (September 26) we will be serving wine and appetizers at the barn to thank everyone who supported us this summer. We hope to have some idea of where we will be moving by then. If you can’t make it to the event, please make sure your are in our contact list so we can notify you of our new address.

The Artisans at the Barn