Where Are All the Men?

With all of this anti-woman rhetoric coming from the right I have to wonder why men aren’t speaking out against it. After all, men are as dependent on the use of contraceptives, as their wives and girlfriends are. Even families who want a lot of children practice family planning to determine when their children are born. There is also the issue of maternity care. Do men really want to be responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical care when a child is born because their employer refuses to provide maternity care to women?

Come on guys, it’s time to stand up and speak out against this effort to deny your wives, girl friends, mothers, aunts, daughters and friends access to necessary medical care. Help stop the raid on a woman’s right to adequate medical care. Refuse to accept that employers can decide that women’s health is less important than men’s. Accept the fact that this movement affects you as clearly as it affects the women in your life.


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