A Meaner, More Selfish Nation

First in a Series

The older I get the more interested I become in learning about historical events, especially here in the United States–something, unfortunately, too many Americans don’t care about. I know I am living in a period of history that will literally change the course of this nation, and, in fact, the world. I would like to be 100 years into the future reading about how we worked through the current tumult to become a greater people. Unfortunately, I don’t have that luxury. I, like everyone else, will have to live through this upheaval and experience the Sisyphean frustration of pushing for changes while watching grand ideas take baby steps to get us to the next level. Oh, I know we’ll get there eventually, I am a student of history so I know what great things the species has accomplished in the past, but a lifetime is but a second in the annuls of history, and the changes that will make for a better world may not happen in my lifetime.

My grandmother was born in the 19th century, my granddaughter was born in the 21st century. Three centuries sounds like a long time, but in some ways it is only a lifetime. In my life I have experienced life as my grandmother lived it and part of the life my granddaughter has lived and I am awed and astonished by the changes that have occurred in just five generations, in just the time I have been alive. So I know we will weather this latest storm of uncertainty, but I also know that, like those in the Philippines after this latest disaster, some of us will survive and some of us won’t. I only hope that, as the most intelligent creatures on the planet, we will begin to understand that to survive we must stop being what sometimes feels like the meanest, most selfish humans this nation, this world, has ever seen and learn that we must work together for the common good for our very survival. Not just to exist, but to thrive.


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