Illegal Texans

I think Texans need to take a closer look at Mexico. When Texans won the war with Mexico, they originally incorporated as a nation state, but then later decided to become one of the already established American states. They realized that Texas did not have the vast resources that the continent had.

Ever since that time there have been Texans who talk about recession. If they had stayed or returned to a nation state, it is very likely they would be having the same problems that Mexicans are currently having with drug lords. Texas has even less resources than Mexico. It does not have the farmland or the water resources to feed it’s people.

Just imagine trying to build a fence around Texas to keep out all those illegal Texans.


2 thoughts on “Illegal Texans

  1. Little Sis says:

    You must have forgotten about the oil, natural gas, farming, banking, cattle and they are the Headquarters for 3 major airlines, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines and Delta.

    Have you considered giving Massachusetts back to the Indians?

    • We should probably consider giving the whole country back to the indigenous peoples. Apparently some of us no longer believe in a functioning democracy. So what’s the purpose of a united states?

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