One Boston

People in the Greater Boston Area are still talking about the tragedy that took place at the Boston Marathon last week, and we probably will continue to speak with each other as we try to make sense of all the carnage.

As law enforcement continues to peruse the evidence from all of the crime scenes, we wait to hear information that will enlighten us as to how and why this happened. However, each new development leaves us a little more unsettled:

  • Are there really a half million people on terrorist watch lists? How can we possibly keep track of ALL of them?
  • Did the brothers carry out this attack on their own? If there is no group behind them, how many other young men are currently planning attacks on other American cities?
  • Is there too much media discussion of this event? Will other young men see this as a way to gain notoriety?

We want to hear more…and yet we don’t. We want answers…but we want life to return to normal. We grieve for the victims…but the deaths and injuries these people and their families have experienced is too large for us to wrap our minds around. We cannot begin to imagine the pain and sorrow they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. We want to reach out to them…but somehow, sending money seems so cold. Yet, we are reminded that many of these families will have huge medical bills and will need help to pay them.  This makes donations more meaningful, more personal.  

Please donate to One Fund Boston, or to one of the local funds that have been set up for victims in your community. But please make sure the fund is legitimate first. Unfortunately there are those who will take advantage of this time of sorrow to increase their own wealth.


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