Boston Marathon Tragedy

It is a horrific day in Boston. On one of the most celebrated days in Massachusetts, celebrating the
Patriots who fought in the Revolutionary War to secure our freedom from England, we have been terrorized by an unthinkable act of destruction. Millions of people were out celebrating one of the most recognized Marathons in the world.

On a beautiful spring day our security has been shaken by the deaths and injuries sustained by people from Boston and around the world. The Patriots Day holiday will never be the same for those of us who have experienced the carnage of the 2013 event.

Bostonians, and Bay Staters in general, have stepped up to the plate in their usual fashion. Five of the world’s top hospitals are within minutes of the finish line and they immediately began following the measures they have practiced in case of a terrorist attack. First responders were onsite at the finish line and moved quickly to secure the scene and triage the injured. The hospitals have notified the public that, due to quick response, they have no need for blood donations at this time. Local Bostonians are providing food and clothing to runners who cannot get back to their homes or hotels. They have set up a hotline via news media and social networking for people who need a place to stay until they can get home.

It is no more than you would expect from Americans who constantly reach out to help the less fortunate. And thus I can’t help asking why here? Why on this day when people from all over the world have come together to celebrate our strengths and to cheer on each and everyone of the thousands of runners from every continent?

The anger, the sadness and the loss of our sense of safety will color the rest of our lives, but it will only bring us closer together as a city, a commonwealth and a country.


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