Dumb Questions?

OK, this is probably a dumb question, but if Canada wants to ship oil across the U.S, to a refinery in Texas, why not just use the money to build a refinery in Canada by the oil field? I know, you’re probably going to have answers to all of these, possibly simple questions, so let me try to anticipate the responses.

Texas is a port city from which the refined oil can be shipped around the world. Alright, then, why not, after building the refinery in Canada, build a pipeline to a port city in Canada?

This would cost more than just building the pipeline through the U.S. and besides, Canadians would probably try to stop the pipeline from damaging the Canadian wilderness and affecting Canadian farmers and others. OK, but how will this oil benefit the U.S. which is trying to move away from dirty fossil fuel by fracking every available shale surface in the country?

Well, that industry is undergoing its own fight against unsafe fracking and it would cost a lot of money to study the industry and then to make fracking safer.

Oh, I get it! It’s all about saving big multinational corporations money. Of course. I guess, when put against the increase in profits, these are all dumb questions.


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