Our Voting System and a Changing Demographic

I was on the phone yesterday answering survey questions about the candidates running for the Senate seat in Massachusetts. Of course one group of questions was about my demographic and while answering the questions I thought back over a number of articles I had read about the voters in the last Presidential election, comparing it to the election in 2004.

The difference between the demographics in 2004 vs that in the 2012 election led to an interesting insight: the country is changing to reflect a more liberal demographic. Not in the terms of diversity–that is also happening–but rather in terms of the aging of the population. For example, between 2004 and 2012 many young people who were too young to vote in 2004 came of age and voted predominantly for Democrats in 2012.

On the other end of the spectrum many of those in their fifties are now in their sixties. In 2004 this group was more likely to vote for Republicans while those in their 50’s were more likely to vote for Democrats. As people have aged, the demographic that includes those over 60 has now changed to become more liberal.

In essence, what this seems to reveal is that no matter how hard the Republican party tries to become more diverse, they are still losing voters as older white voters pass away and young people, with more liberal views on social issues, come of age.

This article from the New York Times is about updating the way we vote to enable more eligible voters to participate, especially those growing up with technology. Notice the Republican response. http://nyti.ms/157BrUf


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