When Death No Longer Moves Us

When I read the headline in the paper of the massacre in Connecticut I didn’t even stop to read the article. Murders and the deaths of innocents has become so commonplace that I have acquired a hard outer shell to avoid feeling sad about something that will never change.

For years those of us who live in or close to big cities wake up most days to the news that another innocent person has been killed in the crossfire. From the two toddlers and the infant in a nearby bassinet who were killed by armour-piercing bullets that penetrated the front wall of their house as the children watched television, to the young mother and her two year old who were killed as she headed to his daycare site before heading to work. To the young soccer coach who was killed by a stray bullet in front of the children he was coaching.

The stories go on and on. Every summer big cities prepare for the heat by scrambling to create programs for young people to try to protect them from the violence. “City Year” created as a summer program in Boston that hires young people to work with young people to educate and empower them, has now spread across the country. Organizations such as “Mayors Against Guns” have helped to institute new, stricter gun laws to curb the violence. And yet we still hear comments about protecting our second amendment rights. How about protecting our children and their caregivers and providing them with a chance to pursue the other aspects of our constitution, the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

I have always marveled that the mothers of Ireland were able to stop a decades-long war by standing together against the violence. I wondered why the mothers of this United States could not come together to stop the violence against our children by fighting for stricter gun laws across the country. I recently happened upon a group called “One Million Moms For Gun Control”. I signed on immediately to help spread the word. Maybe next time there is a shooting of innocents I won’t just pass it over, feeling helpless to stop the carnage. Maybe that hard shell is cracking.


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